She’s Raising the Bar

Kicking off Women’s History Month 2017, the podcast The Bridal Body SShes Raing the Bar ad - smallhop became She’s Raising the Bar. The redesigned program expands on the core of women’s empowerment heard in the original, a show primarily focused on the fitness of brides-to-be. She’s Raising the Bar presents a wider forum for women’s sense of self, strength and standing, through perspectives physical, emotional and socio-political. Laurie Towers and co-host Elite Ziegelman engage an array of guests, both female and male, on pertinent topics that fuse the strengthening of the female body to that of the mind. The show’s listenership, some 75,000, has only increased with the #MeToo times in which we live. Shes Raising the Bar

Join us: Mondays at 1:00pm EST

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